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It is often heard is..."my horse is just a trail horse" well, that may be,  but some horses are more suited to the job, and a horse trained specifically for the trail is a rare individual. We have created a program of criteria for our Trail Horses Deluxe. This is our 5 star program. See Page 2 for full details!

Curly Criteria for Creekside Curlies Trail Deluxe Program

1. Breeding and temperament....Our Creekside Trail horse deluxe criteria starts with the basics. Breeding and temperament. We start with/or choose ABC bred horses that are bloodlines we are familiar with, or have reason to believe they would be successful in our program. We only select horses with suitable temperament to be a  Creekside THD (Trail Horse Deluxe ) at the highest level. This means, a calm, willing, people loving attitude. Horses must also be confident, and willing to work alone from fellow herd members. No herdy horses in this program!

2. Conformation: The Creekside THD must have the conformation suitable to do his/her job. Good bone to match height, good saddle placement are of the utmost importance here. Straight legs, shoulder placement for a comfortable ride, these are all considerations.

3. AGE:  You may remember the ad of Ernest and Julia Galleo,  "We will sell no wine, before its time"....we strongly feel that a Creekside THD must have enough experience in life and training. We will only be certifying horses above the age of 5 years. Our younger horses will follow our training plan, but can only truly be a Creekside THD after the age of 5 years.

4. Training.....we have taken our knowledge of trail horse requirements, and added in all the training maneuvers we know to be helpful to create our 5 star Creekside THD program. See more of our complex program via the link below.

5.Change of handlers: Last but certainly NOT least, we will require each of our horses, as they progress through our program, to progress not only with us,  but, with a different handler. This will help make our horses reliable for many levels of riders, and to know that a Creekside THD will be able to complete task asked of it, with any rider. We also change up their tack, and we also manage their training to include monthy reviewing sessions. They have the best of both worlds,  training and time off to play with their buddies!

Learn more about the 5 Star program here

7 Elements of a Broke horse - written by Bob Avila  with Sue Copeland

1. A good training or gimmicky shortcuts
2. Mileage....once trained, then hauled to experience different situations/environments
3. Maintenance....Horses are creatures of must work to keep manners intact.
4. Variety...a broke horse is good and capable of more than one thing.
5. A good mind....You can get a bad minded horse trained,  but they will never be "broke"  you must have a good mind!
6. Good care...ultra good care from start to finish
7. Time...Vaqueros take about 7 years to truly break a horse, Lippizaners about 6 years....those are 2 fine examples of bringing a horse to broke status...a broke horse is a TRUE JOY to RIDE and BE AROUND.




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