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Curly Sport Horses & Deluxe Curly Trail Horses


Creekside Curlies was a small breeding operation that was founded in 1995. Many horses have graced our farm and we raised many fine foals.  We chose to retire in 2011 and now enjoy horses in the equine discipline of driving. Driving has been a long time dream of mine, and through plenty of work/training and persistence we have two nice driving curly mares.  You can surf the pages of Creekside Curlies and see what our farm has been all about over the years.   

As the Director of Curly Sporthorse International I continue my work of promoting and supporting those who promote the Curly Sporthorse.  When I discovered that you can drive a dressage test, I knew I had landed in my own dream world. Creekside will actively pursue Driven Dressage competitions this year and may help things along in our area by hosting a Driven Dressage show.
I love helping folks make their dreams come true,  and the door is always open and the coffee pot is on! We welcome visitors with appointments please.


Updated Feb. 13, 2017

2017  News!  Creekside Curlies is once again heading towards our goal to do some driving competitions in 2017.   Our two curly driving mares,  Legacy and Lady will each have some competitions of their own. Stay tuned for Creekside News!  


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