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Creekside Curlies 5 Star Program in Detail

STAR # 1- The basics - The basics start here. This Star includes the following.... Halter, catch, tie, lead, groom, give feet for cleaning/trimming, fly spray, bathing, clipping. Exposure to traffic and blanket and fly sheet.
STAR # 2-  Advanced ground work. Here we add, in hand work, ( walk/trot )  lunging, lateral movements with handler on the ground, one rein stop, from the ground, crossing tarp, barrels, bridges in hand, sacking out, first saddling, first bridling, ground driving, lunging with complete tack, lunging over obstacles, ground drive at walk/trot/canter, ground drive obstacle course, load in trailer, stand quietly in trailer, and stand quietly at high line, lead down trail from either side of horse. Ponying from another horse,  ponying from a ATV...(4 wheeler/quad) including ponying while other horses are loose are following. Exposure to traffic.
STAR # 3- Saddle training basics, accepting a rider, standing still while being mounted, walk off smoothly and calmly with rider, mount and dismount from either side, change gaits on cue, walk, trot canter. Exposure to traffic.
STAR # 4-  Advanced Riding...we step up the horses knowledge and test his learning skills in this part of our program. Included here are, reverse- willing/quiet backing, both around and through obstacles, 3 horse shows, for good crowd exposure, any type of show, other more fine tuned skills like, turn on forehand, turn on haunches, rollbacks, speed control exercises, including walk to trot to walk, and similar type exercises...halt to trot, halt to canter, spirals, all three gaits, sidepass to open/close gates, test of aptitude for a beginner rider, and finally, we cross train dressage manuvers to improve rideability/form/condition for trail riding. Ponying a horse with pack equipment and exposure to traffic.
STAR # 5- Here is where we add the icing on the cake. A minimum of 2 organized trail rides,riding in different locations in the organized group ( ie..front of group, back of group, or anywhere inbetween) calm walk/trot/canter with group, or NOT going the speed of the group,  overnight camping, change of tack, packing a load, dragging an object, ( log/tire/etc) ditch crossing, water crossing, heavy brush, steep uphill and downhill work, off trail riding, riding in all seasons of the year, and all kind of weather, exposure to traffice, gun fire, standing quietly while rider changes clothes, CSB ( Calm/Safer/Braver ) course under saddle, exposure to mountain bikes, and ATV of many types on actual mountain trails, steps over large limbs, jumps larger logs, mailboxes, garbage cans, other scary objects in the real world, and then we add anything else we can think of to challenge to further train our Creekside THD!



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