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Creekside's Trail Adventures with our Deluxe Trail Horses

There are times when need to leave the arena & show life for some outdoor adventures. It offers us a nice change of pace and also gives us the opportunity to prove our Bashkir Curly horses as deluxe trail horses. This page is dedicated to some of our journeys with our Bashkir Curly Deluxe Trail horses in our herd. We also will be taking young curly deluxe trail horse prospects along on some of our trips. This will help further the education of young horses destined for our curly deluxe trail horse program. Some of our young hypoallergenic sport horse prospects may tag along too, to help them see the world out there.

New! Trail Horse Problem & Solution Mini Clinic

On Monday Feb 18 th I attended a "Trail horse problem and solution" mini clinic,  a series of 4 to be held in our area....I took my stellar trail horse "Krinkle Clown" not because of any particular problem I have with her, but rather for the experience of trailering her alone, riding her in an indoor arena with horses that are not her own herd members. I am a lifelong student, always learning so much easier when I am told what to do...hehe!  Some of the horses in the clinic WERE problematic, along with their owners, but we showed how nicely a curly can be.....and I learned alot about how to adjust a horse that overtakes the horse ahead of it ( walks faster than other group members ) and other things that come up on the trail. Krinkles seemed a bit on edge when we arrived, wondering about the new situation she was in,  but as soon as I mounted she returned to her old quiet stellar self. Can't wait until next week!

2007 Horse Camping/hunting trip with our Bashkir Curly Deluxe Trail horses near  Sheep Rock in the Hells Canyon Recreation  Area.

We spent 9 days  Elk hunting in the "rough" country of Idaho, on the edge of Hells Canyon which was at 6900 ft elevation. Our trip was quite successful, our horses packed out 2 elk for us, on day 2 of hunting season. Camping with horses, using them to pack game was a new experience for us, and we literally spent months getting our horses ready. We took mares," Krinkle Clown", a tried and true riding horse, and "Ally" one of our youngsters, who had the best potential for this type of work.

Here is an account of our trip....
Day one...set up camp,This is NOT the place for rookies...everyone here has horses or mules in camp.  COLD !  Violent windstorm after we went to bed, wasn't sure things would hold together...boy I am glad I packed the horse blankets! The mares were toasty warm even in the 20 degree + windchill weather.

Toasty Mares Sunset over Hells Canyon

Day Two....a chance to look around...what AWESOME terrain here, it is a different type of terrain every direction you look. We are on the ridge between Deep Creek and the Snake miles to the bottom of Hells Canyon and the Snake River, hope I am not headed down that far!  The scenery combined with a coming full moon, lovely sunsets, all made for a photographers delight !

Day Three....opening day of rifle season...Freezing Fog greeted us....The guys whole plans were busted...but..everyone around was carrying radios, so we listened to the conversations of folks, good amusements...Elk hunting is TOUGH here, you can see lots of elk, because of the open terrain, but there is no way to reach them....there is a reason they call this HELLS CANYON!

Day Four...elk stumble our way....we used the mares to pack out the game, 5 miles round trip....Ally was a dream to load, Krinkles fussed a bit...but with a little sweet talk from David, she stood while Mike loaded her.....they were back up the trail in less than 4 hours.

Day Five....warmer...guys were a bit on the tired side...spent most of the day in camp, hauling water, chopping wood, it was the first night the  horses slept good and quiet!

Day Six....warmer this am....40 degrees and sunny....amusing afternoon, 2 hunters chased elk around across the hillside from camp, unsure on the results...looked like the elk got away....Mike and I went for a ride and looked over the Kinney Point Lookout and Sheep Rock...

Day Seven....still warm...went to spring to get water, talked to folks that have been coming here for years....Darren took his son Garrett to Baker City, to meet up with Darren's wife, Garrett had to go back to school, empty handed sad to say....BUT....Darren killed a nice bull on the way back from an area we had never been, a fellow traveler had spotted elk near the road on his way out, and gave Darren the tip they were there....He also brought hay from town...much needed....note to self, don't send husband to buy horse feed ! Mike had not stocked quite enough, being new at this, we overfed a bit the first few days...and could tell ! The mares were dancing on their tip toes....

Day eight....horses really appreciated the hay Darren brought it helped keep them quiet...a plus for sleeping. We are winding down, I cleaned and rearranged the horse trailer, so we would be ready to load up horses and gear, will head out early tomorrow am.

Day nine....headed home...what a wonderful trip! We had plenty of supplies ( hay )  and a wonderful was such a great learning experience for us as horse campers, and a great way to use our horses ;-)  I an not wait for the next trip, to bring one of our youngsters along ;-)


Headed down the trail, Ally & Krinkles packin' elk.

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