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Team Creekside

We have created this page to share the journey of "Team Creekside" as we venture into the world of carriage driving. Check back often to follow our progress!


*OYY Classy Lady and I enjoyed a playday sponsored by our local driving club "Clearwater Horse and Carriage Club.


In April of 2015 Legacy and I competed at our first Horse Driving Trials (HDT). A HDT consist of Driven Dressage, Cones Course and Marathon Course with obstacles. Driven Dressage went well,  we handled our Test with no penalties and our high point was scoring an "8" on our working trot on the long diagonal!!!!!  In cones we had one ball down, and for a moment lost our way to gate 8,  but we quickly recovered and finished with no other penalties. The marathon course was a blast!!!!  We enjoyed the course of long stretches of flat, well groomed trails. The obstacles we handed with ease. A special THANK YOU to Robin K. for her gator skills.....we stayed on course because of Robin's guidance.



Working with *OYY Classy Lady


2014 promises to be a more active year than 2013. Legacy and I have been working all winter and are now schooling First Level from the ground. Check out our leg yield video! Spring will hold a clinic and competition and we hope to have a couple shows this summer also....

April 2014: In April Legacy and I attended a Karen Maas Clinic at Olivia Farms.  The clinic went well. Legacy and I enjoyed stretching our legs in the driven dressage legal arena.  We worked a bit on harness adjustment and my driving skill. As always, Legacy was a super star.....we had a blast!   We hope to get out and compete this summer,  stay tuned for more news.





October: Legacy and I are expanding our level of knowledge and are now taking classical dressage lessons.  Weekly lessons will help us progress from the ground, and then back in the carriage as Legacy builds muscle and strength. Stay tuned ......

August: 2013 has been a challenging year. Injuries caused by a very poor shoeing job has kept Legacy and I out of competition. We are so limited in driving events in our area, (4 hour drive or less) we have missed all our competitions. Legacy has healed and we are back to driving. I hope to find a  dressage instructor to work with this fall/winter to improve my skills and Legacy's skills also.

May: Team Creekside participated in "The Clearwater~Intro to Combined Driving CDEs" clinic in early May. Here are some photos of Linda and Obi, a mini taking on the cones course. 

2013 plans for Team Creekside include a schooling show, a playday, lessons and more lessons, the Pacific Northwest Driven Dressage Festival and a late summer Driven Dressage show and pleasure drive....Stay tuned for more pics and news!

2013 Team Creekside goals and plans With the acquisition of a new carriage Legacy and I are set to go!
2013 brings Team Creekside to our second full year of driving. Winter work included lots of arena work to hone our aids. We plan to go to several clinics in 2013, along with a couple competitions, and in early August, a large show that has a vineyard pleasure drive as the last days event.
I will post about each event and our progress.


June: Legacy and I attended our first Driven Dressage Festival in early June. After a day of dressage, the following day was a clinic put on by our judge. The weekend was amazing, the host farm stunning and I learned volumes about driving a dressage test. Legacy was my strength, she handled all the stress of showing without batting an eye. We also had the chance to drive the farm's trail system...lovely scenery, wonderful company and meals and 2 days of learning...we had a superb time.


May: Team Creekside attended the INDS playday in mid May. A warm up to a summer of competition helped us learn our strengths and weaknesses...Stay tuned for competitions in June!


March: Our first "road trip"  handled like a lady once again. Even the oversized load that passed by us left Legacy unfazed. In the large pasture where we drive,we have started canter work about fun! We started the month with a DeSpooking clinic sponsored by my driving club "INDS"  Legacy handled herself like an angel and I also had the opportunity to do more lessons with Trainer Roy. Legacy has advanced her skills.

February: Exposure to alot of rukus...that is our February goal. February saw us driving ALOT...every day possible, at a very busy and active barn...she is gaining valuable experience in the simple form of time spent driving.

January: More driving at home, plans made to take Legacy off the farm in Feb. for more exposure to the outside world, and a larger place to drive.



*Since Legacy arrived home from the harness trainer in December we have been advancing her training. Our arena at home is small, but perfect for our getting to know each other start.

*Earlier this week, we put it all together..the horse, the cart and ME !!!

*Legacy is going nicely in harness and cart...what a great moment to see her pulling a cart and whip (driver)

*While Legacy is at the trainer's I took the opportunity to paint my cart, I also changed out the very unsafe motorcycle wheels for steel wheels.

*After that clinic I had a much better concept of our goals in long linning. I continued Legacy's work here at home, and also did a bit of "tire pulling" with her.

*We dropped Legacy off at the trainer's !!!!   A dream starting to come true.

*About 8 weeks after surgery, I took Legacy to a long linning clinic...we both did not perform so well. Legacy was just pulled out of pasture with no chance to wrap her mind around work, and she did not like the instructor at all, and I really struggled to walk and care for my horse...but...we did it and I learned alot ( about both of us)

*While on recovery from surgery, I come across an ad for a Harness Trainer I know. He has not advertised in years!  Could this be my lucky break?

Pics from 2011 above, Click to enlarge



A really great friend designed a logo for Team Creekside and I had a few polo shirts embroideried....hey, life should have a little extra fun in it.

*Bill Twigg came here today, we measured my potential driving horses, and my cart...he has a plan ;-)  About Thanksgiving time, I picked my cart up from Bill.

*I started stocking my equine library with good books....searching for good catalogs and finding information I can learn from.

*I find my harness (used on DreamHorse) and my cart (used...won't work but really good bones!)

*Another lesson, first a harness fit lesson, then a driving lesson..a HUGE thanks to Linda and Greg S. for the use of their horse, cart, and camera.

*My VERY first driving lesson....shown here with Brian Jenson, International competitor, judge, trainer and instructor. At the clinic we were given a book of articles and training guidelines, I am completely SMITTEN with driving.

Pics from 2010 above, Click to enlarge




Conversation day...I had a conversation with Bill Twigg, a local cart/carriage maker. I learned ALOT! but it will take a while to process it all...Bill kindly offers to help me if I find a cart and give me advice if I have questions about it.


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