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Creekside Curlies - Our Curlies Write Home!


One of the greatest pleasures of breeding Bashkir Curlies is matching the right horse to the right person. Over the past 12+ years, Mike & I have had the pleasure to witness many happy horses in wonderful homes. Many sold inside the U.S. and some sold overseas. I would like to share with you some comments from those buyers and also the pictures they have sent to me. I enjoy staying in touch and sharing in their joy. We have sold horses into Sport Horse homes, that wanted to enjoy the quality of our Bashkir Curly horses, with ability to do sports and we also have had horses that went into Deluxe Trail horse homes.....We strongly believe in our program, and are using the very best Bashkir Curly bloodlines available, we  also are  looking for enough quality in our Bashkir Curly foals, to raise horses that are capable of doing  upper levels of dressage.

Updated May 2013:

We always love hearing about our horses and what they are up to in their new homes...we are really thrilled when we can share photos.....we have received recent news on the following horses....

*C-C Hot Spark'n Rod. Hot Rod is well under saddle and learning to work cattle..

*SFT True Heart. This stunning stallion (Skookum Buck X Sparky's Valentine) stands at Sunflower Trails ranch in TX. He is simply stunning!  This boy shines inside and out, as a dependable riding horse, as well as a ranch stallion. True Heart was born on the Sunflower Trails ranch, after being purchased in utero, via his Dam, Sparky's Valentine.

*C-C Her Royal Highness....."Princess"  is in training with a jump trainer...she loves her job and has great aptitude for jumping. We are looking forward to new photos of horse and rider to share soon.

*C-C Handsome Dark Knight...."Knight" is coming along nicely as a riding horse. Chris even thinks he will get more time with Knight this year, as Jill has been doing much of Knight's riding...we should have new photos soon!


*C-C Handsome Dark Knight...."Knight" is coming along nicely as a riding horse. Chris even thinks he will get more time with Knight this year, as Jill has been doing much of Knight's riding...we should have new photos soon!

News about Izzy and Knight's new owner! marketing-communications/c-i- newsletter?newsletterid=313

Packer writes home... *C-C Hells Canyon Packer participated in an Europeon Inspection recently. Here are some of the photos his owner shared with me. Packer has certainly become quite the stunning young stallion."

Skookum Buck and Mis Shy Moon write home... "Hope you are well.  Congratulations on your LIFE!  Your web page is really terrific.  I hope you enjoy driving.  Buck and Shy are both well, fit and very well loved.  We are riding around quite often.  (even Dale at 71).  I had a knee replacement in Nov of last year, but recovered and riding since April!  I can't express how much the horses mean to us.  They make our lives better every single day!  I'm still doing Parelli and getting to be a better rider all the time." Sylvia and Dale Miller of Missoula, MT

Jill and Izzy have great success..
Earlier this summer at a  Southern Idaho 25 mile endurance ride Jill and Izzy placed 3rd overall. There were 12 horses compete, most were Arabians. Jill is also looking forward to the day that C-C Handsome Dark Knight "Knight" can compete, as he is a little more forward than Izzy, and will outsize her a bit. Kudos to Jill for getting our curlies out in the public and showing them off!

*Customer Comments*

"Hi Linda, Just thought I would send you a few photos of "Knight" as I call him these days. He is doing well,and doing a good job training me. I have made a lot of progress learning about horses and am really enjoying him. Hope you are doing well and your hip/health issues are improving. These pictures were taken yesterday. I take him for a walk almost every day and we cruz all over the place. He goes up and down really steep rugged and brushy hills no problem and also crosses running creeks with out a problem. Likes his food! I love my horse buddy."  Chris


*C-C High Flyer & new owner, Rachelle


"Thank you very much, Hunter is a true gentleman. Tonight we spent some quite time together, he managed to sniff out the apple in my pocket, and was content on watching the neighbor split wood. He is probably glad not to have wheels under his stall for a few days. Here are the pictures from our stroll today." Karalee Bell - Ontario Canada


"He (*C-C Hells Canyon Packer) has arrived safe and well - he is massive!!! he has had lots of hugs and cuddles and a good brush. He looks very well and is a good sized yearling. He has settled well eating hay as soon as he arrived and ate his hard feed, he seems to like his food! I will take some photo's and forward them to you - we are delighted with him - a credit to your breeding program. He is a good boy and has settled in really well - he eats for England!!"


Hi Linda,

I bought a little red dun from you named "Wrangler" a few years back; renamed "Cassidy".  He is three now, 15.2 hands, and starting his saddle training.  I took him up to another facility for more expert supervision the first time I rode him.  She trains and rides professionally.  She always teased me about my 'funny lookin' horse until I got up there that first day, for his first ride.  "Pony Deluxe" were her exact words.  Also "Wow." "He loves you so much" and "He tries so hard for you.  He just wants to get it right."

Second day, second ride; we were pushing cows in the arena.  He was all over it.  Head down, ears forward and had apparently found his purpose in life.  He never hesitated, not once.

Third day, third ride, the trainer opened the door to the round pen and said "You'll be fine."  (I think mostly to shut up a couple of cowboys who were laughing at my 'funny lookin' tail-less horse.)  We went out into the open and were all over and around hill and dale (and garbage cans, and propane tank, other horses, and scary green cow-feeder thingy.)  Nothing really fazed him.  Responsive, attentive, calm, and he seemed almost proud of himself, like he wanted to do it.  We came trotting up ( collected and beautifully cadenced thank-you-very-much), to everyone again after 20 minutes or so; the trainer was grinning but nobody was laughing. He got some time off then.  But I have since ridden this colt through the creek and have found that he has a wonderful rocking-horse canter.  No buck.  No balk.  No nothin'.  He is absolutely consistent.  I have rarely felt this safe on a horse, certainly not on a 3 year old colt. Even though he is working for real now, and experiencing some new things, he still comes to a whistle and shoves his nose in the halter.  I don't know if I read this on your site or not, I picked it up somewhere though -"You don't have to train in what you breed in." --- This horse is already 'broke', I just explain to him the finer points of what I want. Don't get me wrong; he has had a lot of ground work.  Also we play a lot.  He likes to go up stairs, and fetch grain pans, and wave flags and plastic bags, (and try to flip my shirt up over my head, but we won't talk about that too much), and come and rest his head on top of mine while I am fence-chatting with the neighbors.  He has a sense of humor.  This horse is my best friend.  I am so grateful to have a chance to spend all the time I need to with him to get it right; (without going to the E.R. for an allergy induced asthma attack.)   And even more grateful to have this horse that wants to spend time with me too. He is exceptional. Thank you, Sincerely, Morgan Sutton.


"I can't tell you how happy I am with Auggie.  Everyone is so impressed with his excellent manners and personality.  We had a wonderful day of training and play.  He has really adjusted to his surroundings and been very personable with his horse neighbors and people friends.  Kali's horse is almost acting as a surrogate mother to him and has been making sure he is safe and looked after.  I cant believe how calm he has been with the introduction of new horses, obstacles and experiences.  He enjoyed a thorough brushing and even convinced the other ponies that it was safe! He has also developed an affinity for carrots and continued to follow me around and nudge my pockets long after the treats were gone. Thanks very much for your excellent training- it is really apparent.  Also, many thanks for the book and pictures.  Kali has been bombarding me with good training material and videos. It was pretty dark when Auggie arrived and overcast today, but I will send you some good pics when the sun comes out." Jen


"Hi all, just wanted everyone to know that Sweet Pea (Stormy) , my wonderful calm curly filly had her first ride today and did fantastic!!!!! She never blinked an eye, turned all directions in response to the halter and lead. She was so great!!!! I just love this filly, Thank you Linda, for raising such fantastic curlies !!!!!!!!!!! Karen  of Utah. Note: Stormy is a Krinkle Clown/Skookum Buck 2002 filly, who is getting started under saddle.

" I knew he was good looking, but he was even more good looking than I expected, and he is so laid back and quiet" Eva, from WY on her purchase of a Skookum Buck colt.

"Cowgirl arrived safe and sound and ADORABLE ! she is acclimating to her new surroundings, we are already in love with her"  White post Ranch

"Gunner went to Ron Gales show, place 3 rd in halter, and went to the Stampede, just soaked up all the attention, he also ponied on a trail ride, this guy can do it all, short of being old enough to put under saddle" Dawn Watts, of Calagry, Canada

"Valentine foaled quite easily and presented us with a dun  curly  colt, just stunning, both Mom and son are doing well" Brendan and Jennifer, Bastrop, TX.

Congratulations to a family in Boise, ID on their purchase of 3 fabulous colts!
Zig, Tiger and Flash

Congrats to Penny R. of Bouse, AZ on her purchase of Reggie, trail horse

Congrats to Heidi Widnas, of "Spirit of Curlies" in Finland, trail riding with horses purchased from Creekside, "Oscar, Twist and Daisy" Enjoy !

Congrats to Conny B. in Germany on her purchase of Katie and Misty

Congrats to Teresa in Oasis, ID.....Brandon and Jennifer of Bastrop, TX.....Penny R of Bouse, AZ and Morgan S. of Billings, MT on their purchases.

Congrats to Sophie on her purchase of Lady...our first European sale !!! 2005 (BELOW)

Congrats to Abby B. in New Hampshire, on her purchase of Skookum's Sparfire, good luck in the show ring!

Congrats to SM of Montana on her purchase of Skookum Buck (our former ranch stallion) AND Miss Shy Moon (2003 filly)

Congrats to Chuck and Mary Mead on their purchase of "Mister T" 2005 stud colt

Congrats to AW  of Palouse, WA on her purchase of "Bo" 3 year old riding gelding

Congrats to White Post Ranch in California on their purchase of Skookum's Gabby Cowgirl (2004 filly )

Congrats to Nicole G of Quebec, Canada on her purchase of Idaho Sparkle (2003 filly) and Classic Elegance (2004 filly)

Congrats to Karen Nunes on her purchase of Krinkle's Stormy Star 2003 bay filly

Congrats to Dawn Watts of Alberta, Canada on her purchase of Gallant Gunner 2003 stud colt

Congrats to T.W. of Washington State on her purchase of Skooum's Carmel Cowboy 2003 gelding



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