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Heartbreaker's Progeny

Here are the foals from our Bashkir Curly Sport Stallion..."HeartBreaker"  we have been pleased with the quality of all these foals.....and seems he is homogyous for SWEET babies...straight legs, a nice bum, loads of curl, stunning color, WOW....how exciting it is to see this foal crop grow and mature.

* Touchet River Willow
2014 Pinto Filly by AI

*C-C Heartfires Flame
2010 Bay Colt

*C-C Hanalei
2010 Loud Chestnut Pinto

*C-C Henri
2010 Loud Chestnut Pinto w/ Appy Spots
2008 AI breeding to HB.
Tobiano pinto filly, Shandy.

"I just wanted you to see Shandy as a yearling.  Recognize any traits from Heartbreaker?  I think she got everything from him! She is so much fun.  I'm still so proud of her (obviously)." Jeanne  

*C-C Handsome Dark Knight
Curly Colt, Bay - 2009

*C-C Heartfires Spark, Curly Filly
Bay - 2009
*C-C Hattie, Curly Filly
Brown & White Tobiano Pinto - 2009

*C-C HB's Sweet Kyna, Curly Filly
Buckskin & White Tobiano - 2009
Sold Overseas


C-C Heather
Chestnut & White Tobiano - 2009
Sold Overseas
*C-C Heartstrings Liberty, Curly Filly
Black & White Tobiano - 2008

*C-C Heart n' Soul Echo, Curly Filly
Bay & White Tobiano - 2008

*C-C Hells Canyon Packer, Curly Colt
Palomino & White Tobiano - 2008

C-C Honest August, Minimal Chesnut/white Tobiano Colt
2007 - sold to horse allergic buyer in Colorado, for deluxe trail mount.
*C-C High Flyer, Curly Black/white Pintaloosa Colt
2007- sold to Kentucky, for deluxe trail mount.
*C-C Hotel Kalifornia, Curly Black Filly
2007 - retained by Creekside for dressage prospect.

*C-C Hot Spark 'N Rod, Curly Chestnut/white Tobiano Colt
2007 - traded to Stag Creek Curlies of TX for stallion prospect.

*DS Hugo, Curly Black Colt
2007 - retained by Divinity Sport Horses for a stallion prospect, dressage prospect.

*Hawk's Kyrill, Curly Bay Colt
2007 - result of a bred mare package, born in Germany, will be used for deluxe trail horse.

Heart's Spirit, Minimal Chesnut/white Tobiano Filly
2007 - result of a bred mare package, born in Finland ...deluxe trail horse/broodmare prospect.
C-C Here's MY Oscar, Minimal Chesnut/white Tobiano Colt
2006 - sold to Finland, deluxe trail horse.
*C-C Hopes Quick Stryke, Curly Black/white Appalossa Colt
2006 - sadly, we lost this colt.

Visit our new foals page to stay up to date on HB's upcoming progeny!


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