*Shadow's Hawk Spirit


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Creekside's Bashkir Curly Stallion

HeartBreaker now resides in Canada at Sweet Grass Feed and Tack.  Congrats to Terri on her purchase of this outstanding stallion.

*Shadow's Hawk Spirit  aka "HeartBreaker" ABC 3169 & CSI C00559-03

We are proud to introduce you to our endearing Curly Stallion, *Shadow's Hawk Spirit , aka Heartbreaker. Heartbreaker has been a dream come true for Creekside. We were looking for a stud colt that would improve our Bashkir Curly  mares in size and movement. We feel this guy is an exception to the previous standard of what the Bashkir Curly is capable of doing in the Sport Horse world. He is also improving our the crop we have here each year of Bashkir Curly foals. He has been a good match with our Bashkir Curly mares.

HeartBreaker is a big mover with lots of swing to his back. He carries himself in a natural 'on the bit' frame, bringing power and natural sweeping suspension. Heartbreaker has been alot of fun to work with too. He loves to work and loves his job.

HeartBreaker has been shown in hand and under saddle.  He has garner awards all through his show career...Some of the most notable awards have been 2007/2008 CSI "Horse of the Year"  for TL Dressage,  a USEF/USDF DSHB show- Champion Stallion,  Dressage Training Level High Point award.  We are looking forward to 2010 when he will show Dressage First Level, and perhaps Dressage Second Level under the guidance of Mike Kincella. HeartBreaker is the ONLY ABC and CSI stallion showing in Dressage in the US. HeartBreaker dipped his hooves in the world of First Level Dressage in 2008  and we are very excited about his future. HeartBreaker continues to impress us with his temperament and his will to work no matter the circumstances. His foals are just starting to hit the show ring, where they are also proving that winning genes run strong here.

As a maturing Bashkir Curly colt/stallion we showed him in hand in 2005, and 2006. In 2007 HeartBreaker was shown in the Sporthorse world as a 4 year old,  along with more in hand showing. He walked off with the Curly Sporthorse International top award,  "Horse of the Year"  for Training Level Dressage....the VERY FIRST  curly stallion to win this award, in any division! HeartBreaker is also the only ABC and CSI stallion showing dressage in the US! 2008 will bring more showing and more training. We are very excited about his future!

Owning this stallion has way surpassed my high expectations. His talent for dressage enhanced by his great mind and huge heart has been breathtaking. As his get now grow into competition age, there will be a whole NEW generation of HeartBreaker get to succeed with honors.

Curl, curl, curl, From our farm ( including AI ) HeartBreaker has 32 foals on the ground and has thrown an amazing 88% curl. He also has produce a higher number of fillies than colts. Many foals share the pinto markings, with get in chestnut pinto being the most popular color for him to pass on.

Watch  his foals conquer the world!

Shadow's Hawk Spirit
ABC 3169
CSI 00559-03
AWS 2005358

Heart Breaker is a Bashkir Curly Stallion  imported from Manitoba , Canada. He is a blend of  Curly Canadian and  Curly American bloodlines. He has excellent conformation, he stands 15.1+ h. ( his sire is 15.3HH ) a great, ready to work attitude, powerful forward movement and suspension to rival the *Spartacus (Hall of Fame sire) line of horses. Heart Breaker comes from a stellar line of Curly horse and we are looking to mark his place in the Sporthorse and Curly World, as an exceptional Sporthorse, both in producing sport prospects, and with his own record.

HB on YouTube

HB in Dressage
At Liberty
Show Career Beginning!

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HB's Progeny
HB's Pedigree
Naming Convention
Breeding Info
MORE Photos of HB!



Breeding Information

We no longer offer breedings to this stallion


Heartbreaker's Pedigree

*Shadow's Hawk Spirit
*Hawk's Midnite Shadow
*BNC Angel
*Ebony's Black Hawk
*Colonal's Party Curl
*BNC Ladd
*Maybell Oledora


Naming Convention

It has taken us several years of thought to come up with the proper plan for name recognition for our horses and our ranch. We have now licensed with the ABC registry the prefix "C-C" that will be used in ALL our foals names.



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