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Creekside's Bashkir Curly Stallion (Reference)

*Skookum Buck   aka "Buck" ABC 1668(f)

*Skookum Buck aka "Buck" ABC 1668(f)

In 2001 I was actively searching for a curly stallion, the two previous stallions we had, were just not working out.  We were striving for higher quality within the curly world. I ran across an ad for a Curly Stallion who resided in Southern Idaho. A fair price and a good reputation, Skookum Buck was quickly in our stable. In a matter of a few days, all our ranch mares were bred to this wonderful and ( very ) potent guy. But there was much more to Buck, than just potent genetics.  Our first foal crop was nothing short of amazing. Buck gave us the unplanned bonus of producing mostly fillies. Year after year, there were Buck fillies hit the ground. Each as lovely and sweet as the last, and most with the coloring ( in some form ) of their sire. The dun genetics ran strong with Skookum Buck, as did correct straight and proper legs, and good bone. I had the opportunity to keep one of those Skookum Buck fillies to add to our own breeding program, when we decided Buck had earned retirement and a life of ease. *C-C Sky Blue Dun Legacy remains in our herd, and now has produced that next generation of curly fillies for us. Buck also helped give me confidence in handling a mature stallion. He was broke to ride, and riding was one of our favorite pastimes. I took him to horse shows, trail rides, clinics, lessons, we did a whole lot of miles together, including earning the top award in the ABC for frequent rider miles. He also took home honors in trail classes and was always a hit when we were in public with his kind and stellar manners. In 2005 Buck was retired and gelded, and spends his time in Montana with his family who adores him.



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