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This page is not your typical 'brag' page. We would like to earn the respect of our buyers and the Hypoallergenic Curly  Sporthorse world by proving our horses can compete in various disciplines.

By listing the outcome of our season events, we hope you can appreciate our horses as much as we do. In many cases, we will share judges comments - which confirms to us that we are on the right track with our breeding program. We are extremely excited about our Stallion, Heartbreaker and as he builds his reputation we hope you will find him as impressive as we do. 2007 was a successful year, with our Stallion, "HeartBreaker" he competed several times, each proving himself capable, as a Hypoallergenic Curly Sporthorse, and each time impressing us with his manners and mind. We will list major events below, events that our Hypoallergenic Curly Sporthorses are participating in.  See you in the show ring!

2009 Awards

In 2009 we presented our first home bred filly in the dressage ring...."Legacy"  was in training with Mike Kincella this spring and proved herself very capable in the show ring. Our first show saw her placing..and our second show brought home her first win!  Here is what Legacy accomplished

WSH Dressage show at Mini Acres Farm-  Intro Level test 1-  2 nd place
                         Intro Level test 2- 3 rd place
INDA Summer Daze at Prairie Sky Equestrian Center -  Intro Level test 1- 3 rd place
              Training Level test 1- 1 st place!
SSHF Breeders Classic USEF/USDF show....Fillies of 2006- 2 nd place
       Materiale class-2 nd place
This was a great start under saddle for Legacy....due to time restraints/breeding schedules were did not show HeartBreaker in 2009, but we have plans for a great show season in 2010.

Across the "pond"  HeartBreaker foals are starting to make themselves known...Here is "Cinderalla" a yearling filly showing off her win in a breeding show in Austria.


2008 Year End Awards

Congrats to Trainer Mike and HeartBreaker for their 2008 win of the Curly Sporthorse International award of "Horse of the Year" they claimed the title for TL Dressage and plan to compete in Dressage First Level in 2009....Thanks to Mike for developing such a great partnership with HeartBreaker and kudos to both for their win of this coveted title.

2007 was topped off with a win in the CSI awards program.
HeartBreaker won the 2007 Curly Sporthorse International ..."Horse of the Year" for Training Level Dressage. On a sunny day in September, I loaded him up with his 2007 ribbons, from the USEF/USDF show, and CSI and Trainer Mike took him on a victory lap.

January 2008.....HeartBreaker has won his very first Curly Sporthorse International award.... It is the CSI "Horse of the Year" award, for Training Level Dressage!  HeartBreaker is proving that our faith in him, is paying off. He is the VERY FIRST Curly Stallion to win this award, in any division.  Kudos to HeartBreaker for proving that there really IS a successful Hypoallergenic Curly Sport Horse out competing. 

July 28th
Our first USEF/USDF

HeartBreaker really strutted his stuff at his first rated show of the year. He brought home "Champion Stallion!" His scores were high enough to qualify him for the CSI HOY awards, in the "in hand" division ( now we need more scores ) and he settled in for a nice ride in the Materiale class, with a score of 72% His Materiale scores were 7.5 in all areas, except the trot...oddly enough, usually his most brilliant gait.

And we have qualified for the "Great American Insurance Group Northwest Series Breeders Championship Finals" in September of this year....I would probably venture a guess he is the first Hypoallergenic Curly Sport horse  to do so!

June 9th
Inland Northwest Dressage "The Commencement"

HeartBreaker had a nice showing at the INDA June schooling show. He brought home scores ranging from just under 60% to just over 60%. A bit of a tough show mentally, as he had been very busy with mares at home, and might have found it a bit hard to a 4 year old stallion , we are happy enough with his results. We also used the lovely facility to do some new conformation shots.


April 21st
Inland Northwest Dressage Spring Fling Spokane, WA

Click here for video Clip - @ the show!

"We were very pleased with HeartBreakers attitude and ability at his first Dressage show. Riding Training Level Test One and Test Two, he was in the ribbons both times. Test Two proved to be his best effort, with a 66.785 score. This score garnered him 2 nd place in the class. He had a good attitude, and we are looking forward to his next show !"

Judge's Comments:

"Cool Horse"
"VERY nice dressage prospect, because he is so nicely forward"
"He has a good start and his energy will be useful later in the higher levels"
"good cadence"


Previous Awards & Ribbons

Curly Sporthorse International Inspection
Horse of the Year: C-C SkyNite's Flash of Cream

Creekside Classic, July 22, 2006 a Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Show, in hand only/OPEN CLASSES

Reserve Champion-ages 0-4 years: C-C SkyNite's Flash of Cream
2006 colts/geldings- 1 st place: C-C SkyNite's Flash of Cream.
2006 fillies- 2 nd place: C-C SkyBlue Dun Legacy
2004 colts/geldings- 2nd place: Shadow's Hawk Spirit

Spokane Sport Horse Tournier, July 28 th 2005 - Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Show, in hand only/OPEN CLASSES

2003 Colts/geldings- Shadow's Hawk Spirit: 5th place (tough class, major $$$ horses here)

2003 Winter Series shows

Trail Class 1st place---Skookum Buck

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