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We have been breeders of the  Bashkir Curly horse since 1999 when our very first foal was born on the ranch.  We came to know the Bashkir  Curlies, quite by accident. My husband is deathly allergic to horses, and after riding all of my youth, I had to give it up. Years later, I read an article in a magazine, and I thought...no WAY ! a Hypoallergenic horse....we came across an ad for a curly horse for sale, at a location close enough for us to look for ourselves. The results just shocked us, Mike could handle/brush/touch that horse, without any reaction...We were hooked!

That is history now, we bought that first  Bashkir Curly in 1995, added more in 1996 and started our breeding operation in 1998. Sounds crazy, but my experience as a youth, was now paying off in a breed I had no idea even existed back then.

We have owned several stallions, but by far the most talented (physically) one is our current stallion "Shadow's Hawk Spirit" aka...HeartBreaker.   We have searched high and low to find the best curly stock for our program, as we wanted to prove that the Bashkir Curly horse,  the Hypo allergenic horse , could prove themselves against other breeds...especially in the dressage ring.... Because of Mike's allergies, we limit ourselves to ABC stock, though sometimes the 1/2 bloods work also.  We do not have other horses here on the ranch, expect for an occasional mare that is to be bred by our stallion.

Each year we evaluate our  Bashkir Curly foals and our purchases of any horses we have purchased during the year. These evaluations are done through, showing ( USEF/USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breeding )  inspections/and or private professional consultations. Our horses suited for dressage ( 3 correct uphill gaits ) sport horse, athletic ability in addition to 3 correct gaits are trained for that purpose.  Foals/horses we feel would fit a better fit in our trail program are started in our trail horse deluxe training program.  All horses learn confidence, and  in addition to classical dressage training, our  Curly Deluxe Trail horses also learn to handle the rigors of trail riding. Lots and lots of inhand work is done with BOTH our youngsters and our older horses. Our horses are exposed to lots of places and lots of new and interesting things...we are raising our horses with a purpose and a future....and the first Bashkir Curly ranch to have a dedicated trail horse focus!

We are  breeding for a quality Bashkir Curly  horse that can excel in the sport world,  with a temperament that will allow you to take that horse out for a quiet hack and  be your best friend regardless of your competition goals. An average rider will compete in several levels of dressage, and we breed Bashkir Curly horses that will help them excel at that goal.   We breed for temperament first, conformation second, curl and/or color are only bonuses. Our horses will produce foals that range 15-16HH. A hypoallergenic Sport horse and a hypoallergenic trail horse are our ranches 2 goals! Join those who have discovered the world of the hypoallergenic horse.

Humble Beginnings: Linda VavRosky

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